Annadana :

     Every one of the thousands of piligrims, who enter the portals of Dharmasthala to seek the blessings of Lord Manjunatha, is offered free food and subsidized shelter. Every visitor is a welcome guest irrespective of caste, creed, culture or status.

Sri Heggade ensured that the Annapurna Choultry, an equisite example of modern architecture, is equipped with a modern, hygienic, automated kitchen designed to feed 30,000 to 50,000 piligrims on any given day. To make Annapoorna Choultry truly eco friendly, Sri D.Veerendra Heggade made sure that the kitchen is run on alternate forms of energy.

    In Dharmasthala Annadana transcends these prosaic boundaries, to include in its fold, hospitality in its full form. It provides for clean and hygienic accomodation, availability of basic necessities and utilities, and of course wholesome clean food for the thousands of devotees who throng this beautiful pilgrim center every day.

    With the Flow of  Pilgrims rising exponentially over the years, the Old
Dharmasthalas Ganga, Kaveri and Narmada have been augmented by seven modern guest houses - Gayathri, Netravathi, Vaishali, Sharavathi, Saketha, Gangothri and Rajathadri which have increased the capacity manifold.                 
Sri D.Harshendra Kumar
has been managing the affairs of the various departments of Dharmasthala by
rendoring yeoman service.


 Inauguration of Rajathadri Guest House  

Various Lodgings at Dharmasthala

Saketha Guest House

  Gangothri Guest House
Nethravathi Guest House
Vaishali Guest  House
  Rajathadri Guest House
Gayathri Guest House
Sri Sannidhi Guest House
   Sharavathi Guest House