With the Flow of  Pilgrims rising exponentially over the years, the Old Dharmasthalas Ganga, Kaveri and Narmada have been augmented by seven moderen guest houses. . . -Gayathri, Netravathi, Vaishali, Sharavathi, Saketha, Gangothri and Rajathadri which have increased the capacity manifold. Sri D.Harshendra Kumar has been managing the affairs of the various departments of Dharmasthala by rendoring yeoman service.

D.Harshendra Kumar 


                 Saketha Guest House                                      Gangothri Guest House


              Sharavathi Guest House                                           Vaishali Guest  House                                           

                  Nethravathi Guest House                                  Gayathri Guest House

                   Sri Sannidhi Guest House                                   Rajathadri Guest House