Preserving culture and tradition is possible by putting values into practice  – Dr. Shalini Rajaneesh.

Teachers, parents and public must introspect regarding implementing human values in daily life. Dearth of values is the biggest black mark in our society. By giving up laziness, making the best use of the faculties provided by the God, one should strive hard and achieve success. Only that success which is hard earned by the personal efforts and perseverance receives permanent recognition, said Dr. Shalini Rajaneesh, Principal Secretary, Department of Primary and Secondary Education, Govt of Karnataka. She was addressing  the audience after distributing the prizes to the winners of 16th State level competitions organized by Shanthivana Trust of Srikshetra Dharmasthala the books based on values to the students recently.

Presiding over the function, Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala Dr. D Veerendra  Heggade stressed on the need for self sustenance. Receiving the messages from the valued books we read, one should face the challenges of life without fearing the loss or gain. Education was provided through punishments earlier. However, it is provided with love and affection now. Information is now available from all sources such as mass media of communication, newspapers, internet etc. As the clever duck can separate milk from water, one should give up the bad and receive only the good. There is always value for art. Students must develop better taste for right art forms and become good artists.  Artists like Vilas Nayak of Ujire earned name and fame by practicing the art skillfully.