The 10 day long grandeur consisting Pancha Maha Vaibhava and Maha Mastakabhisheka came to an official end on 18th of February 2018 at Dharmasthala, leaving behind a plethora of happy and spiritual memories in devotees. The ceremony received more response than what was anticipated, and each aspect including the 3D Projection show, Samavasarana Pooje, cultural programs and all-faith conference added to the diverse majesty.

The Pancha Maha Vaibhava unfolded the life of Bharata and Bahubali on a royal durbar setup created especially for the particular event. For five days, the cultural display attracted viewers from all around the state as it was magnificently presented under the directions of Dr. D Veerendra Heggade, Maatrushree Hemavathi Heggade and Jeevanram Sullia. The ‘Digvijaya procession’ on the 13th was a massive crowd puller at the ceremony.

The 3D projection show that took place every day at Rathnagiri unfolded the story of Bahubali in an unprecedented manner, with the technology of 3D projection mapping used in this particular way for the first time in India. Under the directions of Shri D Shreyes Kumar, teams consisting over 100 people have designed this show which turned out to be a grand success.

The anointment ceremony took place from 16th to 18th with nearly 100 ascetics presiding over the ceremony and thousands of devotees flowing to Rathnagiri on all days. The anointment shall continue upto 23rd of March. During the ceremony, Bhattaraka Swamijis of various Jain Mutts from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu conferred the title of ‘Fosterer of Virtues’ to Dr. D Veerendra Heggade.

The entire ceremony witnessed the confluence of not just faiths, but religious, spiritual, social and cultural attributes of the society. The decorations of the town were such that it resembled ancient day Ayodhya. Food facilities were made the best use of by thousands of devotees who attended the festival for 10 days. Cultural events such as Shankar Mahadevan concert, folk displays and other attractions kept the masses occupied throughout the day, making the 10 day extravaganza a memorable experience for each one.