The annual Lakshadeepotsava feat has come to a closure after five days on 14th of December. The annual festival that lights up the Dharmasthala Kshetra with striking lights and festivities began with the ‘Paadayathre’ or the ceremonious walk by devotees from Ujire to Dharmasthala. The five day festival constitutes various rituals where the temple deity is placed at five different locations around the Kshetra and is worshipped with grandeur.

Events such as the inter-faith conference and the literature festival, like every year, took place this year too with great success. Number of discourses from expert scholars was organized at the Amruthavarshini stadium which was followed by cultural performances. The Lakshadeepotsava at the Kshetra attracts a large number of devotees from around the state and so was the case this year.