Societal Upliftment

A society  is deemed to be called as a developed one, only if its entities are relieved from all kinds of adversities of life. Shri Veerendra Heggade hence devised a plan to get rid of flaws and fallacies from people’s lifestyles in a very systematic manner. Social evils like casteism, dowry, addiction, unemployment were gorging upon all the human potential. Along with great education, healthcare, employment opportunities, medical and financial aid is being provided to curb all kinds of social stigma.

Mass Marriages

In an endeavour to eradicate social evils like dowry, casteism, untouchability and financial debt, Shri Heggade introduced the beautiful concept of “Mass Marriages” in 1972 at Dharmasthala. Following the tradition of the Kshetra where all religions and castes are welcome, hundreds of couples are married in accordance with their personal religious rite. The expenses of the wedding dress, mangalsutra and wedding feast for a limited number of the couple’s guests are borne by the Kshetra. It is vital to note that over 10,000 couples have been benefitted by this unique programme since 1972. So far 12,160 couples are happily married through the mass marriage initiative.


Jana Jagruti - De-Addiction Program

Like poverty and despair, affluence too could become a bane to mankind. Alcoholism, a social evil not only threatens to cast its ugly shadow over the society but also eventually kills the motivation in people to pave towards a blissful living. Realising the ill effects,  Shri Heggade embarked on a program of de-addiction through a new project named Jana Jagruti Vedike. It provides the perfect platform for the eradication of alcoholism. This Vedike has till date conducted as many as 1204 de-addiction camps that helped over 82,205 alcoholics to be liberated from the shackles of alcohol.

However, to ensure the de-addicts continued being away from alcohol, Nava Jeevana Samitis were formed. These Samithis enrolled those liberated from addiction and helped them to avoid the temptation by making the members share each other’s experiences. They also helped the members to strengthen their economic and financial status.

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