Dharmasthala being known for its hospitality as a lore, maintains high standards of cleanliness and organizations when it comes to treating the pilgrims:

Clean and hygienic accommodation.

Availability of basic necessities and utilities.

A wholesome hygienic meal for thousands of devotees.

who throng this beautiful pilgrim centre every day, are just few of the umpteen facilities provided. With the Flow of Pilgrims rising exponentially over the years, the old Dharmasthalas Ganga, Kaveri and Narmada have been augmented by nine modern guest houses -Sannidhi , Netravathi, Gayathri, Vaishali,, Saketha, Gangotri, Sharavathi, Rajathadri and Sahyadri which have increased the accommodation capacity manifolds. Shri D.Harshendra Kumar has been managing the affairs of the various departments of Dharmasthala by rendering superior pilgrim-oriented services.For Online room booking, Please click here

Devotees kindly note that guest houses of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala can only be booked through the official website. (   Kindly do not make bookings from other websites. Dharmasthala will not be responsible for fraud bookings.