Shri Dr. D.Veerendra Heggade


Dr. Heggade’s 48 years of path-breaking contribution to  social, economical and cultural development of the society, is what truly defines his unyielding service to the nation.

From having converted small towns into modern educational hubs, redefined the very role of a temple from being a place of worship to a place of service, revived ancient sciences to further enhance modern lifestyles, and most importantly, having shown that one individual has the power to fuel and ignite the status quo condition of a nation, makes him deserve all the awards and accolades that he receives and more. This is exactly why in 2015, Dr. Veerendra Heggade was awarded the second highest award a civilian can receive in India, the Padma Vibhushan.

At tender age of 20, Dr. Heggade took on the tremendous responsibility of being the Dharmadhikari, and thus began a glorious new chapter in the town of Dharmasthala. Even as a teenager, Dr. Veerendra Heggade knew that his true calling was to carry forward the 600- years- old awe-inspiring legacy of his ancestors and to transform into reality, the vision nurtured by his illustrious father, Shri Ratnavarma Heggade. His father nurtured the dream of a more modern Dharmasthala.  The traditional role of a Dharmadhikari involved the Chaturdanas, or four charities: Annadana, Abhayadana, Aushadhadana and Vidyadana. Since the very beginning Dr. Heggade not only fulfilled these duties but modernized these danas to suit changing times and needs.

He has always gone beyond his scope of responsibilities and this is because of his relentless drive to redefine Dharma and his passion for the betterment of mankind. In the last 48 years, Dr.Heggade put in motion several socio economical programs that has given a new lease of life to those stricken by social imbalances like illiteracy, religious intolerance, poverty, unemployment, social stigmas or the lack of medical aid. His traditional duties as Dharmadhikari too have been met with the same level of ambition and commitment. He has breathed a new life into old tradition by his various modern initiatives. A fine example of this is the Dharmothana Trust founded by Dr. Heggade.

While restoring and renovating great temples and monuments is the key goal, the organization also actively promotes the beauty and magic of classical worship and traditional rituals. With these activities, Dr. Heggade hopes to make tradition relevant in the lives of future generations.

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