The kshetra celebrates every festival of all the populous faiths in the temple town. A special pooja is held at the temple premise during every festival to cherish the legend and lore of the indian mythological heritage. Some of the festivals are celebrated more pompously in comparison due to the local importance and the lore:

Ganesha Chaturthi

  • The Worship of Lord Ganesha at the Temple and the storehouse followed by immersion in the temple tank.


  • Special pooja at the Shri Ammanavaru Shrine followed by nine days of religious activities.
  • Entertainment programmes fostering music, folk dances, harikathas and bhajan.


  • Celebration of the festival of lights to mark the commencement of the annual ceremonies.
  • Methodical Ranga pooja.
  • Commencement of the car festival.
  • Ceremonial idol of the Lord Manjunatha Swamy is taken out in procession.

Laksha Deepotsava

  • Annual Grand festival of lights, celebrated for last five days in the month of Kartika (November – December)
  • The Festival gets coupled with events like, Sarva Dharma & Sahitya Sammelanas.
  • Seminar on religions of the world – on the day four of Lakshadeepotsava.
  • Seminar on fine arts and literature – on the day five of Lakshadeepotsava.
  • Samavasarana pooja of Shri Chandranatha Swamy.
  • Handicraft and amusement exhibitions.
  • Entertainment programmes fostering music, folk dances, harikathas and bhajan.


  • Car festival followed by Night long Bhajans.
  • Special poojas in the reverence of Lord Manjunatha Swamy.

Chaandramana Ugadi

  • A celebration of the new year as per Calendar.

Annual Jathre

  • A nine – day Festival conducted in April.
  • Special poojas for the gramadevatha.
  • Dharma Nemothsava for Dharmadaivas and Shri Annappa Swamy.

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